Botanical Remedies

Natural holistic remedies direct from mother earth.

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Botanical Remedies

And other all natural products for a healthy mind, body, & soul.
saint john wort
Saint Johns Wort

Saint Johns Wort has been used as a natural remedy for an extremely long time. Boasting anti-depressant qualities, Saint Johns Wort also aids in relief from anxiety, mood swings, withdrawal, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy pains, & much more.
Alcohol extracted tincture.
More about Saint Johns Wort here.
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valerian root
Valerian Root

Valerian root extract is a natural sedative used as a remedy for sleep issues, anxiety, hot flashes in menopause, & reduction in premenstrual symptoms. 3-5 drops in a glass of your favorite drink is all you need.
Alcohol extracted tincture.
More about valerian root extract here.
1oz dropper bottle for $14.99

diatomaceous earth
Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is the microscopic fossilized remains of of diatoms (algae), which contains high concentrations of silica. As a health supplement, DE is purported to cleanse the digestive tract, improve heart health by removing cholesterol, improve bone & nail health, & promote hair growth. As an insecticide, DE can be dusted on plants or other substrates afflicted by insect infestation. The microscopic, fossilized diatoms literally cut up the digestive tracts or soft bodies of insects in a lethal manner, without unwanted contamination. 
More information about diatomaceous earth here.
Food Grade
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hydrated lime (slaked lime)
Hydrated Lime (Slaked Lime)

Sometimes sold by the trade name "pickle crisp", hydrated lime is 100% natural. Make crispy homemade pickles without the use of artificial preservatives or texture enhancers.
Use 1 cup of hydrated lime dissolved in 1 gallon of water(cut into fractions for small batches). In a non-reactive vessel (plastic or stainless), soak fresh vegetables for 12-24 hours. Rinse thoroughly & proceed to pickling in normal manner.
More info on hydrated lime (slaked lime) here.
1/2 pound for $7.99

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