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Organic, Natural Craft Supplies for fun projects.

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Organic, natural craft supplies.
birdhouse gourds
Birdhouse Gourds

A fun project for kids and adults alike. Attract birds by providing a nesting spot to hatch their young. Paint them, or leave them natural.
How to make a birdhouse from a gourd.
Two whole gourds for $17.99
luffa sponges
Luffa Sponges

The best all natural bath sponge nature can provide.
Luffa sponge crafts.
Three 6" long cut sections for $11.99
pine cones
Pine Cones

Great for decorating, or making peanut butter bird feeders.
Craft ideas for pine cones.
Fifteen (15) cones for 14.99

Days until fall (Autumnal Equinox)

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