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All seeds are grown 100% naturally.
marigold flowers with butterfly
Marigold (mix)

(Tagetes erecta)
25 seeds
Beautiful mix of color all summer long. Orange, yellow, red, and bi-color flowers adorn this plant throughout the entire growing season. Lots of folks claim that planting marigolds between tomato plants will help repel many common pests. These plants will form a two foot diameter ball of flower covered foliage, often reaching a larger size. Makes a great annual for landscape beds.
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Sunflower (mammoth grey stripe)

(Helianthus annuus)
25 seeds
Standard large, striped, edible seeds. Tall (8-12 feet) stalks present massive flower heads (12 inch diameter) chock full of seeds. The flowers themselves are a spectacle. If you have kids or grandkids & would like to expose them to the wonderful world of gardening, this is an excellent attention grabber & starter crop. Watch as the huge flower heads track the sun across the sky before resetting toward the east every night. Eat the seeds raw, or brine, season & roast. Each head will provide an ample amount of seeds.
Direct sow in rows after last frost in full sun. Space seeds 10 inches apart, about 1 inch deep. Another alternative is to plant them randomly in flower beds.
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