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All seeds are grown 100% naturally.
wiggins corn
Wiggins Corn (field, flint type)

(Zea mays)
100 seeds
This is a very special, rare variety flint type field corn.
Multi colored (white, yellow, blue, & red). 
High resistance to weevils in storage. 
By far the best grinding corn for cornmeal and grits around.
Large diameter, 14 inch long cobs.
Tall (12 feet or higher) stalks that are some of the most resilient to wind lodging of any variety of corn we have grown, despite being so tall.
Direct sow in garden or field in spring 8 inches apart in rows. Corn is wind pollinated so it is imperative that it be planted in a block of at least 5 rows. Corn can handle a frost, but may not germinate well in cool wet soil.
100 days
Harvest fresh for corn on the cob (even though its a field corn, it is still delicious when harvested young), or wait until it dries on the stalks.
More about growing field corn in the garden, or field.

mennonite sorghum
Mennonite Sorghum (syrup & grain)

(Sorghum bicolor)
100 seeds
Grown for syrup as well as grain, depending on when you harvest. In a single season it is possible to harvest grain, cut the stalks, and allow it to grow back for a syrup harvest. Syrup can be made from the first stalks after harvesting grain, but the sugar content will be lower.
Sorghum makes a remarkable flour and is extremely easy to harvest, winnow, and grind. As a matter of fact, most store bought flower is made from a mix of ground sorghum and wheat.
Direct sow in garden or field after last frost. Sorghum likes it warm, so don't get in a hurry. Wait until the soil temperature is 70 degrees and not excessively wet.
Thinly broadcast seeds across rows, spacing seeds about 6 inches apart.
More about growing, harvesting, & using sorghum in your diet.

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