Herbal Tea

100% naturally grown

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Herbal Tea

100% naturally grown
agastache - hummingbird mint
Agastache (hummingbird mint)

Sweet, licorice flavor. Tea made from the dried leaves is said to alleviate cough, cold, fever & diarrhea. It is also purported to promote a healthy heart. Great on a cold day.
1/4oz dried leaves.
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ecinacea - purple cone flower
Ecinacea (purple cone flower)

Ecinacea tea is ranked highly for its numerous health benefits. These benefits basically "boil" down to boosting of the immune system. Cold, flu, respiratory infection, & anxiety are some of the ailments that ecinacea is said to ward off. It is very mild in flavor, which makes it a great base for adding a bit of aroma from various other herbs.
1/4oz dried flowers & leaves.
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mint - apple mint
Mint (apple mint)

Everyone has most likely encountered mint flavors in their journey through life, but less have experienced the splendid effervescence of the real natural leaf. Mint tea is said to provide relief for cold & flu, upset stomach, digestion problems, & irritable bowel syndrome. Its also just plain pleasant to drink (hot) on a cold morning, or iced on a warm summer day. Apple mint has a sweet taste, without the spice of some other varieties.
1oz dried leaves (may be crushed).
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Sassafras is the original natural flavor found in root beer. In fact, before the push to artificial flavors, root beer was literally sassafras wine (minimal alcohol) that was naturally carbonated by the secondary fermentation process. 
Tea made from sassafras root bark is said to have numerous health benefits such as detoxification, boosting of immune system, skin health, inflammation (such as gout & arthritis), & improving circulation.  
1/4oz dried root bark.
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Senna tea is mild in flavor, so it makes a great base for the addition of a small amount of a more aromatic herb. Senna has so many health benefits that even the FDA has approved it as a non-prescription laxative (its quite rare for the FDA to approve anything natural). Senna tea is used for weight loss, as a laxative, hemorrhoid treatment, indigestion, as a diuretic, skin & hair health, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, & may even prevent certain types of cancer. Truly an amazing plant.
1/4oz dried leaves.
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sumac - flameleaf
Sumac (flameleaf)

Sumac tea is made from dried berries & has a flavor similar to lemonade (like an Arnold Palmer).
Health benefits include treatment of cold & flu, sore throat, asthma, & diarrhea. Native Americans even ground the dried berries & mixed it with clay for dressing wounds (antiseptic).
1oz dried berries.
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