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All natural hops bine rhizomes for planting. 

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Hops rhizomes are grown 100% naturally.
tettnang hops
Hops (tettnang)

(Humulus lupulus)
Two 8 inch long rhizomes.
Tettnang is a noble variety, meaning that it developed naturally without human interference. Originating in Germany, this perineal bine (like a vine, but lacking tendrils) is tolerant of very cold winters. It's also quite heat and drought tolerant. Touted as the "king of noble hops" due to its versatility, both bittering & aromatic (piney scent), this variety is an excellent choice for the hobby brewer (makes a nice tea as well).
Order rhizomes in early spring after preparing soil and erecting a tall trellis (12-20 feet). Two 8 inch rhizomes will be all you need per trellis. Pre-ordering is a good idea & you won't have to pay until it's time to ship. Just visit our contact us page and let us know the quantity you expect to need. We'll let you know by email when harvest time approaches. Rhizomes must be planted as soon as received.
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Days until fall (Autumnal Equinox)

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